Presentation at 5GIA-TSDSI – Webinar on 5G Trials & Pilots

TSDSI and 5G-IA jointly organized a webinar on 5G Tests & Pilots (T&P). The objective of this webinar was to enable the sharing of information, data, lessons learnt and areas for collaborative 5G Tests and Pilots. It presented examples of 5G T&Ps implemented in 5G “hot verticals”, such as smart city, smart grid, media broadcast and media production from Europe and India. It was structured as a succession of 10 minutes presentations of T&P projects in both Europe and India with two brief Q&A sessions. Prof. Pedro Merino (5GENESIS Technical Manager, University of Malaga) presented the 5GENESIS Malaga platform (including a demo video) during the 5G Smart City session of the 5GIA-TSDSI Webinar on 5G Trials & Pilots, 22 September 2021