NetWorld2020 SME Working Group: a new 5G SME brochure has been released

Οn behalf of the NetWorld2020 SME Working Group a new 5G SME brochure has been released. This edition not only includes the profile of a record number of SMEs with respect to the previous editions, but also includes several SME success stories. Read the brochure at:

New version of NetWorld2020 SME WG brochure on SMEs

A new version of the NetWorld2020 SME WG brochure on SMEs is available online. Read more at:

White Paper: “5G Media Slice definition”

A New European Media (NEM) and Networld2020 joint White Paper entitled “5G Media Slice definition” was released in September 2019 and features 5GENESIS Project. Read more:

Networld 2020 Annual Event , 15 Nov. – Brussels

  • The role of SMEs in the new 5G ecosystem: Israel Koffman from RunEL participated in Networld2020 Annual Event, in Brussels and described the 5GENESIS project’s contributions to the 5G ecosystem.
  • 5G-PPP: Monitoring of SMEs in Networld2020: Nemergent, as the responsible for monitoring SME WG and NetWorld2020, attended the event and has the chance to explain the concept and different platforms of 5GENESIS to several partners during the event