3rd day of the 8th 5GENESIS GA plenary meeting

The 8th 5GENESIS GA plenary meeting continues virtual! On the 3rd day of the meeting the commemorative team photos were also taken… but not in the usual way!

8th 5GENESIS GA plenary meeting goes virtual, (5-7 May 2020)

Due to the COVID-19 impact and safety restrictions that apply worldwide, the 8th 5GENESIS GA plenary meeting goes virtual! It will run for 3 days (5-7 May 2020) discussing the project progress, trial activities, upcoming deliverables, demos and goals to be met. Today, first day of the meeting, the activities of WP2, WP5 and WP7 are under discussion among all involved partners. We stay online! We stay safe! We keep progressing!

Second GA Meeting at Intel, Munich

5GENESIS successfully completed the second GA meeting, which took place in Munich at INTEL premises. The consortium members had the opportunity to analyse the requirements of the 5GENESIS facility, as well as a preliminary discussions on the facility architecture took place.