The European 5G Conference

Taking place virtually, the 2021 edition of The European 5G Conference will be held on 23-25 February. Now in its 5th year, the European 5G Conference has an established reputation as Brussels’ leading meeting place for discussion on 5G policy. With the European Commission currently consulting on a review of The 5G Action Plan, this year’s conference will focus on this and more. It will look at the role that 5G can play in digital recovery, and more broadly on the way forward to ensure that Europe’s 5G goals and objectives are fully achieved. For more information and to register your place, visit

Drones tested over 5G at the 5GENESIS Athens platform

“5G and Drones trials at Egaleo stadium” by online (in Greek) at

5G trials with drones at the 5GENESIS Athens platform

“Drones over Egaleo city” by (in Greek) available onlineδήμοι-αττικής/δήμος-αιγάλεω/drones-με-5g-πέταξαν-πάνω-από-το-αιγάλεω/

Presentation at the “Drones 3S Pro online conference”

Dr. Harilaos Koumaras (NCSRD), 5GENESIS coordinator, presented on 27 January 2021 the “5G!Drones Trials in Athens: Results, Challenges and the Next Steps” at Drones 3S Pro online conference (Athens, Greece). Special mention was made on the 5GENESIS Athens platform where 5G!Drones project trials performed at the end of October 2020. More information available at (in Greek):