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NetWorld2020 SME Working Group: a new 5G SME brochure has been released

Οn behalf of the NetWorld2020 SME Working Group a new 5G SME brochure has been released. This edition not only includes the profile of a record number of SMEs with respect to the previous editions, but also includes several SME success stories. Read the brochure at:

Paper: “Cloud Native and 5G Verticals’ services”

A paper entitled “Cloud Native and 5G Verticals’ services” was published in February from the 5G-PPP Software Network Working Group. Read this paper online or download it via: https://5genesis.eu/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/5G-PPP-SN-WG-5G-and-Cloud-Native.pdf

5GENESIS: Berlin platform – Field Trial at the Festival of Lights 2019 in Berlin

Whether disaster relief, sports event or festival: 5g can be used to set up a temporary network to connect many devices and provide a high bandwidth for multimedia services. In order to test such a setup, researchers from Fraunhofer FOKUS conducted a field trial as part of the EU project 5GENESIS with partners from IHP, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Karlstad University, NetApp and Simula Research Laboratory at Festival of Lights 2019 in Berlin. The components of a portable 5G network and their interaction are explained in the following video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DBSs96DgWf0

More information:

COSMOTE has successfully tested its Pilot 5G NSA network

5GENESIS partner COSMOTE has successfully tested its Pilot 5G NSA network, consisting of 5G Nokia Airscale BTS attached to Athonet vEPC Core. COSMOTE R&D Airscale System initial configuration uses 2×2 MIMO radio units and 100MHz bandwidth.

Samsung A90 5G tested at the 5GENESIS Athens platform

The first commercial 5G mobile phones (Samsung A90 5G with Snapdragon 855) have arrived and successfully tested with 5GENESIS Athens 5G platform at NCSR_Demokritos.

5GENESIS was presented at EuCNC

The coordinator Dr. Harilaos Koumaras presented 5GENESIS project at a special session for the 5G-PPP phase 3 projects at EuCNC 2018.

More info for the EuCNC special session is available here.