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Multi-RAT support for sensor measurements

In November and early December 2021, the final demonstration of the Surrey Platform IoT use case took place in the building of the University of Surrey 5G Innovation Centre (5GIC), which is the host of the Surrey Platform. Within the context of this use case, 30 Pycom/Pysense boards were deployed in the 5GIC building. The […]

Video surveillance aided by Drone

This is an event where 5GENESIS and 5G!Drones (ICT-19) projects collaborated to showcase the use of 5G for control and video transmission over a drone. The event took place on 28/6/2021 – 2/7/2021, in the OTE Academy premises, Athens, Greece. More info can be found on the related video.

An open source 5G experimentation testbed

5GENESIS portable demonstrator was presented by Panos Matzakos (EURECOM) under the title “An open source 5G experimentation testbed” in the context of IEEE MeditCom 2021 which took place in Athens on 7-10 September 2021.

Mission Critical Services use cases showcase

The two Mission Critical Services use cases envisioned for the 5GENESIS Málaga platform are the target of this showcase, which replicated a real-life scenario in which first responders need to communicate using the MCS services integrated in the platform. The most updated versions of the MCS services (from Airbus) were used and their functionalities are […]

3GPP MCPTT calling over a 5G network

Nemergent R&D team, 5GENESIS partner and member of 5GENESIS Malaga platform use cases, demonstrates the integration of 3GPP MCPTT calling over a 5G network, and enabling interconnection with DMR talkgroups. This demo took place at the Nemergent booth in the Critical Communications World (CCW2021) conference and exhibition, Madrid, Spain, 3-5 November 2021. More info can […]

5GENESIS Limassol platform public demo

This was the main public demo event, where most features of the Limassol platform were demonstrated, including 5G SA access, satellite backhauling and edge computing with local break-out. The demo was presented in the context of IEEE MeditCom 2021 which took place in Athens on 7-10 September 2021.