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5GENESIS Malaga 5G platform at 5G-FORUM 2021

5GENESIS Malaga 5G experimental platform was presented by Prof Pedro Merino Gomez, 5GENESIS Technical manager, at the 5G-FORUM.

“Malaga already has a safe testing environment for 5G” was stated.

5GFORUM of Malaga will be totally virtual & with 5G

The 5G FORUM, the main event on the new 5G technology to be held in Spain in 2020 and in which 5GENESIS participates, continues to be called for the 6th and 7th of May in Malaga and will be completely Virtual with #5G, with the speakers and attendees intervening and participating from their usual places of work via the Internet. Read more at https://www.5gforum.es/en/5gforum-of-malaga-will-be-totally-virtual-and-with-5g/

Malaga’s experimental 5G Network will be presented at the 5G Forum 2020 in Malaga (6-7 May)

Malaga’s experimental 5G Network will be presented at the 5G Forum 2020 in Malaga (6-7 May), where Prof. Pedro Merino will present the 5GENESIS Malaga platform status under the title “5GENESIS Malaga, a 5G platform open to innovation”. As per the 5G Forum article, besides the University of Malaga, 5GENESIS partners Telefonica, Nemergent, Malaga Police and Municipality of Malaga will cooperate in the deployment and testing of the 5G network. More information for the 5GENESIS presence in the event is available at: https://www.5gforum.es/en/top-5g-tests-at-the-5gforum-in-malaga/

Latest advances & activities of the Malaga platform

Do you want to get updated with the latest advances and activities of the Malaga platform? Read about all Malaga platform achievements at the deliverable 4.5 via our website at: https://5genesis.eu/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/5GENESIS_D4.5_v1.0.pdf