5GENESIS receives Bite Award 2019 for 5G Innovation

5GENESIS receives Bite Award 2019 for 5G Innovation.

5GENESIS collaborates with ICT-19 5G-Drones, 5G-VICTORI & 5G-HEART

5GENESIS platform collaborates with ICT-19:

Dr. H. Koumaras will present 5GENESIS at the 7th 5G Global event

Dr. hkoumaras (NCSR Demokritos), project coordinator of 5GENESIS, will present the “5GENESIS Experimentation Framework” at the session “5G KPIs measurement” of the 5G Global event, in Valencia on 18th of June.

5G FORUM – Prof. Pedro Merino explains 5GENESIS

Prof. Pedro Merino (University of Malaga) explains 5genesis_h2020 project objectives, use-cases and achievements with focus on the Malaga 5G experimental platform: “We want to make a full deployment in the city of Malaga”

5G FORUM event photos (part II)

Malaga platform demo “Advanced communications services for Police” at 5G_FORUM presents UEs adapted for Critical Mission Communications (MCS) executing an Mission Critical Push To Talk (MCPTT) application through an LTE infrastructure.

5G FORUM event photos (part I)

UMA, Nemergent Solutions SL and Ayuntamiento de Málaga attending the 5G_FORUM !