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Presentation at 5GIA-TSDSI – Webinar on 5G Trials & Pilots

TSDSI and 5G-IA jointly organized a webinar on 5G Tests & Pilots (T&P). The objective of this webinar was to enable the sharing of information, data, lessons learnt and areas for collaborative 5G Tests and Pilots. It presented examples of 5G T&Ps implemented in 5G “hot verticals”, such as smart city, smart grid, media broadcast and media production from Europe and India. It was structured as a succession of 10 minutes presentations of T&P projects in both Europe and India with two brief Q&A sessions. Prof. Pedro Merino (5GENESIS Technical Manager, University of Malaga) presented the 5GENESIS Malaga platform (including a demo video) during the 5G Smart City session of the 5GIA-TSDSI Webinar on 5G Trials & Pilots, 22 September 2021

Video: 5G for first responder teams

University of Malaga together with the Police of the Municipality of Malaga and Nemergent, all 5GENESIS partners, performed a showcasing event of 5G for first responder teams, utilizing the 5GENESIS 5G Malaga platform. More details are available at the 5GENESIS YouTube channel at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9H6OkjX74iw

Malaga’s experimental 5G Network will be presented at the 5G Forum 2020 in Malaga (6-7 May)

Malaga’s experimental 5G Network will be presented at the 5G Forum 2020 in Malaga (6-7 May), where Prof. Pedro Merino will present the 5GENESIS Malaga platform status under the title “5GENESIS Malaga, a 5G platform open to innovation”. As per the 5G Forum article, besides the University of Malaga, 5GENESIS partners Telefonica, Nemergent, Malaga Police and Municipality of Malaga will cooperate in the deployment and testing of the 5G network. More information for the 5GENESIS presence in the event is available at: https://www.5gforum.es/en/top-5g-tests-at-the-5gforum-in-malaga/

Latest advances & activities of the Malaga platform

Do you want to get updated with the latest advances and activities of the Malaga platform? Read about all Malaga platform achievements at the deliverable 4.5 via our website at: https://5genesis.eu/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/5GENESIS_D4.5_v1.0.pdf