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New release: 5G Infrastructure PPP Trials and Pilots Brochure

The 5G Infrastructure PPP Trials and Pilots Brochure n°3 has just been released and is available at https://5g-ppp.eu/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/5GInfraPPP_10TPs_Brochure2021_v1.0.pdf
It contains the 5GENESIS trial “5GENESIS: Mobile Video Public Safety” of the 5GENESIS Malaga platform (page 10)
The full video is available at 5GENESIS YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9H6OkjX74iw&t=33s

5GENESIS contributors: Almudena Díaz Zayas (University of Málaga), Pedro Merino (University of Málaga), Maria del Mar Morero (University of Málaga), Iván González (University of Málaga), Ricardo Fernández (Municipality of Málaga), Jose Manuel Ternero (Municipality of Málaga), David Artuñedo (Telefónica)

New 5G/B5G SME Web Page and Brochure available!

The NetWorld2020 SME Working Group is pleased to inform you that a new update of the “Find the SME you need” web page is available. This new update shows the skills and expertise of 65 SMEs. It may be sorted by technological expertise or by vertical sectors. Four new SME success stories are also released at the same time, adding to the previous ones. The brochure entitled “European SME Expertise in 5G and Beyond” has also been updated. Do not hesitate to have a look and download it for further use.

NetWorld2020 SME Working Group: a new 5G SME brochure has been released

Οn behalf of the NetWorld2020 SME Working Group a new 5G SME brochure has been released. This edition not only includes the profile of a record number of SMEs with respect to the previous editions, but also includes several SME success stories. Read the brochure at:

New version of NetWorld2020 SME WG brochure on SMEs

A new version of the NetWorld2020 SME WG brochure on SMEs is available online. Read more at: https://www.networld2020.eu/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/01-2020-sme-brochure-web.pdf