Mission Critical Services use cases showcase

The two Mission Critical Services use cases envisioned for the 5GENESIS Málaga platform are the target of this showcase, which replicated a real-life scenario in which first responders need to communicate using the MCS services integrated in the platform. The most updated versions of the MCS services (from Airbus) were used and their functionalities are demonstrated, such as MCPTT private and group calls, MCVideo calls, and MCX-DMR interoperability. The related video is online (the first half of the video targets this specific use case)

3GPP MCPTT calling over a 5G network

Nemergent R&D team, 5GENESIS partner and member of 5GENESIS Malaga platform use cases, demonstrates the integration of 3GPP MCPTT calling over a 5G network, and enabling interconnection with DMR talkgroups. This demo took place at the Nemergent booth in the Critical Communications World (CCW2021) conference and exhibition, Madrid, Spain, 3-5 November 2021. More info can be found on the related video.

Police Wireless Video use case showcase during Málaga’s “The Magna Procession”

UMA, Telefónica and Málaga Police deployed a remote mobile control center for the video surveillance of a large-scale event taking place in Málaga in October 2021, The Magna Procession. The Police Wireless Video use case of the platform was completely demonstrated in a big real-life event, including the reception in 5G UEs of video from fix police cameras in the city and also the transmission of video from 5G UEs in real-time to the control center, greatly enhancing the surveillance capabilities of the police thanks to 5G and the 5Genesis Málaga Platform. More info can be found in the related video.

5GENESIS Limassol platform public demo

This was the main public demo event, where most features of the Limassol platform were demonstrated, including 5G SA access, satellite backhauling and edge computing with local break-out. The demo was presented in the context of IEEE MeditCom 2021 which took place in Athens on 7-10 September 2021.

Police Wireless Video and Mission Critical Services – first responders

This event served as a first demonstration to Málaga Police of the use cases integrated in the 5Genesis Málaga Platform. In it the platform validated the progress in both the video and the MCS use cases and its correct performance outside of the laboratory environment. The related video is also available.

5G playground – 5G portable node

To extend a network capacity to a specific location, one of the most attractive use cases is to make the network portable or mobile, enabling private local communication as well as efficient backhauling to a central location or to edge nodes. This was the target of a field trial in Frankfurt/Oder IHP, on November 30, 2021. The event was an attempt from 5GENESIS project (Berlin Platform) to prove that a portable network can be installed and configured at the specific use case location in a matter of minutes and remain in use for a specific duration of time of the use case (such as for fairs or for construction sites). Some related posts in social media (LinkedIn1, LinkedIn2) and a video on YouTube are available as well.

Big Event multimedia coverage showcasing event

In this event the Athens platform demonstrated the use of Open5GENESIS suite for the deployment of 5G and vertical application components required for the scenario realization in order to offer 360o video coverage (a related video camera was used) to local consumers as well as remote. The event took place on 23-24/11/2021, inside the Egaleo Football Stadium, in the city of Egaleo (Athens suburban area), Greece.

Cross-platform Mission Critical Services Showcasing

A cross-platform experiment was showcased involving MCS services at both 5GENESIS Málaga and Athens platforms. The two platforms have been interconnected in order to deploy MCS services in each platform that will allow local teams of first responders to collaborate among each team members as well as among the different teams. The scenario demonstrated 5GENESIS facility capability to coordinate a cross-platform attended experiment with the participation of personnel in real-life environment. A related video is online available (the second half of the video targets this specific use case)

Presentations: ACM SIGCOMM 2021 (5G-MeMU workshop)

Two presentations were made at ACM SIGCOMM 2021 (5G-MeMU workshop), 23 August 2021:

  • “Experimentation and 5G KPI measurements in the 5GENESIS platforms” presented by George Xilouris (NCSRD)
  • “Extending Network Slice Management to the End-host” presented by Alexander Rabitsch (KAU)