White paper: “5G Ecosystems”

5GENESIS partners INTEL and FOGUS have contributed to the 5G-PPP white paper entitled “5G Ecosystems” by 5G Infrastructure Association Vision and Societal Challenges Working Group Business Validation, Models, and Ecosystems Sub-Group. You may access the white paper and learn more here:

White paper: “Understanding the Numbers – Contextualization and Impact Factors of 5G Performance Results”

Almudena Diaz and Dimitris Tsolkas on behalf of 5GENESIS, and through their participation in 5G-PPP TMV WG, contributed to the white paper “Understanding the Numbers – Contextualization and Impact Factors of 5G Performance Results”. You may access the white paper online through the 5G-PPP website here:

5G PPP, Phase 3 Projects Brochure

The third Phase of the 5G Public-Private Partnership co-financed by the European Commission under the Horizon2020 research and innovation programme fully reflects the European 5G policy based on a massive adoption of 5G network infrastructures by vertical industries…

Bernand Barani, Deputy Head of Unit, DG Connect, European Commission

5GENESIS contributed to the 5G-PPP white paper ‘European Vision for the 6G Network Ecosystem’

The 5G Infrastructure Association (5G IA) publishes the White Paper ‘European Vision for the 6G Network Ecosystem’
Available at

The 5G IA published  the White Paper ‘European Vision for the 6G Network Ecosystem’ (available at edited by the “Vision and Societal Challenges Work Group”. This White Paper is a major milestone at a time when the 5G IA is preparing for the next chapter in the mobile communications story with the new ‘Smart Networks and Services’ (SNS) European Partnership in the framework of the Horizon Europe programme.

The SNS Partnership will contribute to enable the digital and green transitions and will allow European players to develop the technology capacities for 6G systems as the basis for future digital services. Additional information is available at Within the SNS, the 5G IA will be the private side representative, jointly managing the Partnership with the EU.
The White Paper covers key areas related to 6G research from a technical, societal, policy and business perspective providing a vision for the future networks and services.

5GENESIS in 5G-PPP 5G Annual Journal 2021

5G-PPP,  5G Annual Journal 2021, May 2021 read more at the following link.

5G-PPP Technology Board white paper: AI and ML – Enablers for Beyond 5G Networks

The white paper on “AI and ML as enablers of beyond 5G (B5G) networks” is based on contributions from almost 20 5G PPP projects, including 5GENESIS, coordinated through the 5G PPP Technology Board, that research, implement and validate 5G and B5G network systems. The paper introduces the main relevant mechanisms in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), currently investigated and exploited for enhancing 5G and B5G networks. You may access it at the 5G-PPP website:

5GPPP Newsletter issue #24 (April 2021)

The latest 5GPPP Newsletter (#24 – April 2021) issue is now available. You may access it and read all the latest news about research projects, past and future events and the status of 5G in Europe. You may access it and read it here:

5G-PPP Newsflash (February 2021) just released!

The latest 5G-PPP Newsflash (February 2021) prepared by the Full5G project and 5G-PPP, is available online. It refers to the latest 5G news and activities performed during the last months of 2020 by 5G-PPP and 5G-IA research projects.You may access it at

New white paper entitled “Edge Computing for 5G Networks”

The 5G PPP Initiative and the 5GIA present a new white paper entitled “Edge Computing for 5G Networks”. This white paper provides an in-depth analysis of Edge solutions that have been selected, deployed and validated by 17 different EU funded 5G PPP projects including 5GENESIS. You may access and read the paper online at

5G PPP Platforms Cartography

5G Infrastructure PPP Phase 3 platforms projects (2018-2021) started in July 2018 and provide a pan-EU large-scale end-to-end 5G validation network infrastructure, covering about 20 EU sites and nodes on a pan-EU basis. This infrastructure will provide the adequate level of openness to make it possible for vertical industries to test their innovative 5G business cases using ad-hoc network resource control. More information available at