New video “5GENESIS Experimenter Portal Tutorial”

New video “5GENESIS Experimenter Portal Tutorial”. 5GENESIS project offers five 5G platforms for experimentation across Europe. The experimenter can access these 5G platforms through the experimenter web portal. This video-tutorial demonstrates how potential experimenters can access and run their experiment on the 5GENESIS platform of their choice through the 5GENESIS Portal for experimenters.

The revised 5GPPP stakeholders picture has been released!

The 5GPPP and the Full5G project released the revised 5GPPP stakeholders picture, along with the accompanying glossary. Well done to those 5GPPP Phase 2 and Phase 3 projects that contributed. You may access the document at:

Video of 5G FORUM has been released!

This year 5G Forum, due to the coronavirus outbreak, will be held virtually in May 6th and 7th. 5GENESIS will be part of this virtual event with demos and 5GENESIS project presentation. 5GENESIS is also sponsor of the event. You can watch the 5G Forum video at:

Newsletter: Issue-7

Our 7th newsletter has been published and  you can download it from the following link:

White paper: “On Board Procedure to 5G PPP Infrastructure Projects”

The 5G-PPP and the ICT-17 5GENESIS, 5G-EVE and 5G-VINNI projects released the white paper “On Board Procedure to 5G PPP Infrastructure Projects”. This white paper describes the basic procedures that must be followed when vertical sector oriented projects of the 5G PPP plan to use the 5G PPP infrastructure project services. For each of the infrastructure projects (5GENESIS, 5G-EVE, 5G-VINNI) this paper informs – among others – about how to interact with the infrastructure, what information is needed for running experiments, what output and how is provided, as well as what are the future plans of each infrastructure project for the longer term support of vertical applications. Read the white paper at this link:

Announcement: EuCNC 2020 goes Virtual!

Just announced! EuCNC 2020 goes Virtual!
Due to the world COVID-19 pandemic, the Steering Committee of EuCNC 2020 has decided to change the format of the conference to an on-line virtual one, instead of the usual face-to-face physical one in Dubrovnik. Read all the details at

Paper: “What are 3GPP 5G Phase 1 and 2 and What Comes After” presented at SIRS 2019

Dr. Valerio Frascolla (INT) presented the paper “What are 3GPP 5G Phase 1 and 2 and What Comes After” at SIRS 2019, the 5th Symposium on Signal Processing and Intelligent Recognition System, Dec 2019, at Trivandrum, India. Read more at:

5GPPP Newsflash, by the Full5G project and 5GPPP, available online

FYI, in case you have not spotted it yet, the latest 5GPPP Newsflash, prepared by the Full5G project and 5GPPP, is available online at: