Video: Test flights of UAVs/Drones with C2 over 5G – 5GENESIS Athens Platform

Test flights of UAVs/Drones with C2 over 5G/5GENESIS Athens Platform took place at the end of May 2020. The video presents two flights of UAVs properly modified with C2 over 5G. The one flight is the result of the collaboration of 5G!Drones project with 5GENESIS, while the other flight is the preparation of the 5GENESIS showcasing event. Both flights refer to feasibility flights and testing of the 5G flight controller module/proper modification in order to allow the appropriate testings and experiments. Watch the video at the 5GENESIS YouTube channel

Video: The 5GENESIS portable demonstrator presented at TMA 2020

The 5GENESIS portable demonstrator: A modular small-scale platform for experimentation over mobile networks, was presented at TMA 2020 conference[ (virtual), 10-11 June 2020. Watch the video at:

Video: 5GENESIS platforms and 5G equipment MWC2020

A demo video of the 5GENESIS Project’s 5G infrastructure was prepared for the MWC2020 (cancelled due to the coronavirus outbreak) and is now available at the 5GENESIS YouTube channel at the following link:

New video “5GENESIS Experimenter Portal Tutorial”

New video “5GENESIS Experimenter Portal Tutorial”. 5GENESIS project offers five 5G platforms for experimentation across Europe. The experimenter can access these 5G platforms through the experimenter web portal. This video-tutorial demonstrates how potential experimenters can access and run their experiment on the 5GENESIS platform of their choice through the 5GENESIS Portal for experimenters.

Video of 5G FORUM has been released!

This year 5G Forum, due to the coronavirus outbreak, will be held virtually in May 6th and 7th. 5GENESIS will be part of this virtual event with demos and 5GENESIS project presentation. 5GENESIS is also sponsor of the event. You can watch the 5G Forum video at:

5GENESIS: Berlin platform – Field Trial at the Festival of Lights 2019 in Berlin

Whether disaster relief, sports event or festival: 5g can be used to set up a temporary network to connect many devices and provide a high bandwidth for multimedia services. In order to test such a setup, researchers from Fraunhofer FOKUS conducted a field trial as part of the EU project 5GENESIS with partners from IHP, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Karlstad University, NetApp and Simula Research Laboratory at Festival of Lights 2019 in Berlin. The components of a portable 5G network and their interaction are explained in the following video.

More information:

Video: Tutorial on Engagement Process of Vertical Industries

Dr. Harilaos Koumaras, Research Assistant Professor at NCSR Demokritos and Project Coordinator of 5GENESIS project, gives a tutorial on how vertical industries can be enganged with 5GENESIS for testing and validating their product and services in 5G

Video: first 5G link tests over the air at 3.5GHz, based on the RunEL 5G system

Learn about the first 5G link tests over the air at 3.5GHz based on the RunEL 5G system installed at the 5GENESIS experimental platform of Malaga:

Video by Prof. Pedro Merino Gomez – EUCNC 2019

New video release! Prof. Pedro Merino Gomez,(University of Malaga), Technical Manager of 5GENESIS, presents the booth of #5GENESIS at the #EuCNC 2019 in Valencia and describes the experimentation methodology of the project.