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Video surveillance aided by Drone

This is an event where 5GENESIS and 5G!Drones (ICT-19) projects collaborated to showcase the use of 5G for control and video transmission over a drone. The event took place on 28/6/2021 – 2/7/2021, in the OTE Academy premises, Athens, Greece. More info can be found on the related video.

Big Event multimedia coverage showcasing event

In this event the Athens platform demonstrated the use of Open5GENESIS suite for the deployment of 5G and vertical application components required for the scenario realization in order to offer 360o video coverage (a related video camera was used) to local consumers as well as remote. The event took place on 23-24/11/2021, inside the Egaleo Football Stadium, in the city of Egaleo (Athens suburban area), Greece.

Cross-platform Mission Critical Services Showcasing

A cross-platform experiment was showcased involving MCS services at both 5GENESIS Málaga and Athens platforms. The two platforms have been interconnected in order to deploy MCS services in each platform that will allow local teams of first responders to collaborate among each team members as well as among the different teams. The scenario demonstrated 5GENESIS facility capability to coordinate a cross-platform attended experiment with the participation of personnel in real-life environment. A related video is online available (the second half of the video targets this specific use case)

ICT-19 5G!Drones Trials utilizing the 5GENESIS Athens 5G experimental platform

The 5GENESIS Athens 5G experimental platform was used by the ICT-19 5G!Drones project for supporting its Use Case: 4 “Connectivity during crowded events” trials at OTE Academy premises in Athens, 29-30 June 2021.

Read about all Athens platform achievements at the deliverable 4.2

Do you want to get updated with the latest advances and activities of the Athens platform? Read about all Athens platform achievements at the deliverable 4.2 via our website at: https://5genesis.eu/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/5GENESIS_D4.2_v1.0.pdf

Samsung A90 5G tested at the 5GENESIS Athens platform

The first commercial 5G mobile phones (Samsung A90 5G with Snapdragon 855) have arrived and successfully tested with 5GENESIS Athens 5G platform at NCSR_Demokritos.