Presentation of 5GENESIS Experimentation process & open APIs

Bruno Garcia and Elisa Jimeno, UMA and ATOS 5GENESIS respectively, presented the 5GENESIS Experimentation process and open APIs in the e-workshop organized by 5GPPP TB (26-27/5/2020).

European 5G Observatory stakeholder workshop will take place on 25 September 2020

The European 5G Observatory stakeholder workshop will take place on Friday, 25 September 2020. Registration is open and draft agenda available for download. Read more about the event at:

1st Workshop on 5G Verticals and Experimentation (5GVertEx)

5GENESIS co-organizes the 1st Workshop on 5G Verticals and Experimentation (5GVertEx) which will be held in conjunction with the IEEE NetSoft 2020 at Ghent, Belgium at 29/06 – 3/07/2020. Call for papers deadline is 14/02/2020. Read more at:

5GPPP Technical Workshop on key enablers for 5G Experimentation

Professor Pedro Merino Gomez from UMA hosted the 5GPPP Technical Workshop on key enablers for 5G Experimentation, which chaired by Dr. Almudena Diaz (WP3 leader) and Dr. Dimitris Tsolkas (Deputy TM)

3rd Workshop on Mobile Network Measurement – TMA Conf. 2019

Karlstad University organizes the 3rd Workshop on Mobile Network Measurement (MNM’19) at TMA Conference 2019 in June 17, 2019. More details at

IEEE WCNC 2019 (part II)

Dr. Georgios Gardikis @ggardikis (Space Hellas) presented the paper entitled “The #5GENESIS testing facility as an enabler for integrated satellite/terrestrial 5G experimentation” in #WCNC 2019 (15/04/2019), in Marrakech, Morocco. @5GPPP@5genesis_h2020

IEEE WCNC 2019 (part I)

Dr Valerio Frascolla (INTEL) representing 5GENESIS in the WCNC 2019 (15/04/19) panel discussions of the workshops Satellite-terrestrial interworking and 2nd Workshop on Economics and Adoption of Millimeter Wave Technology in Future Networks co-organized by 5GENESIS.

Technical Workshop in Kista, Sweden

5GENESIS deputy TM had the opportunity to meet and discuss with representatives of other 5GPPP projects at 5GPPP Technical Workshop in Kista (November 20-22), Sweden. Performance KPIs were in focus and the workshop was organised by  project and hosted by .

FUSECO Fokus Event , 14-15 November 2018, Berlin

Dr. Valerio Frascolla and Prof. Eckhard Grass organized and drove a 1/2 day workshop at the FUSECO Fokus 2018 event in Berlin named “Architectures and Radio Technologies for 5G Transport- and Access Networks”.

  • Design considerations for an Ultra Reliable Low Latency Communication (URLLC) 5G Network: Dr Zion Hadad presented the presentation regarding design techniques for URLLC Networks and presented its association with 5GENESIS project
  • 5G Standardization Status: Dr Valerio Frascolla presented the latest news from standardiztion bodies dealing with 5G topics. The talk was a collaboration between the 5GENESIS and the 5G-MiEdge projects