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Multi-RAT support for sensor measurements

In November and early December 2021, the final demonstration of the Surrey Platform IoT use case took place in the building of the University of Surrey 5G Innovation Centre (5GIC), which is the host of the Surrey Platform. Within the context of this use case, 30 Pycom/Pysense boards were deployed in the 5GIC building.

The experiment consisted of reading sensor values and sending them –in JSON format– relying on various protocols, namely HTTP, MQTT and CoAP, through WiFi and 5G, with the use of a CPE device, to an IoT-vGW, developed by INFOLYSiS partner.

For the purpose of this use case, two slices were spinned-off by the 5GENESIS Slice Manager and at the same time the 5GIC NOC system created these two slices at the 5GC using two separate APNs to support the end-to-end service.