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Police Wireless Video use case at Málaga’s Thyssen Museum

The event focuses on the Police Wireless Video use case. A similar (but reduced) setup as the one deployed for “The Magna Procession” event was demonstrated in the Thyssen Museum showcasing the wireless video capabilities of 5G and the Málaga Platform.

Police Wireless Video use case showcase during Málaga’s “The Magna Procession”

UMA, Telefónica and Málaga Police deployed a remote mobile control center for the video surveillance of a large-scale event taking place in Málaga in October 2021, The Magna Procession. The Police Wireless Video use case of the platform was completely demonstrated in a big real-life event, including the reception in 5G UEs of video from fix police cameras in the city and also the transmission of video from 5G UEs in real-time to the control center, greatly enhancing the surveillance capabilities of the police thanks to 5G and the 5Genesis Málaga Platform. More info can be found in the related video.