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Second webinar of the 6G Research Visions Webinar Series

The second webinar of the 6G Research Visions Webinar Series, organised by 6G-Flagship of the University of Oulu, took place online on 16th of September. Dr. Harilaos Koumaras from NCSRD, 5GENESIS project coordinator, participated and presented in this webinar, addressed the essential choices for developing preferred business of 6G in the age of platforms, ecosystems, and empowerment. More information and access to the presentations is available at https://www.6gchannel.com/items/6g-research-visions-webinar-series-essential-choices-for-developing-preferred-business-of-6g-in-the-age-of-platforms-ecosystems-and-empowerment/?fbclid=IwAR0Mnr5bJnhHPlXYS6CPXJguICXEhE6AyjhtUIvia3y8KqOKtLiSiiwjWIA