IEEE WCNC 2019 (part I)

Dr Valerio Frascolla (INTEL) representing 5GENESIS in the WCNC 2019 (15/04/19) panel discussions of the workshops Satellite-terrestrial interworking and 2nd Workshop on Economics and Adoption of Millimeter Wave Technology in Future Networks co-organized by 5GENESIS.

2nd workshop on 5G-Trials – IEEE 5G World Forum

The #5GENESIS project co-organizes with the rest ICT-17 projects the 2nd workshop on 5G-Trials – From 5G Experiments to Business Validation adjunct with #IEEE#5G World Forum in 30/09 – 2/10/2019 in Dresden, Germany. #5GWorldForum@5GPPP@5genesis_h2020

5G FORUM event – Malaga, April 2019

The 5GENESIS Project participates as sponsor in the 5G forum event which takes place in Malaga in April 24th and 25th 2019 where 5GENESIS’s concepts and achievements will be promoted. @5GPPP@5genesis_h2020

Egaleo Smart City 2020-2030 event

Dr. Anastasios Kourtis (from @NCSR_Demokritos) presented the 5GENESIS Project in the Εgaleo Smart City 2020-2030 event which was organized by the Municipality of Εgaleo and took place in the Town Hall of Εgaleo in March 18th, 2019.

Dr. Jose Oscar Fajardo, Lamiae Akif on MWC 2019 (Feb, 25-28)

Nemergent Solutions participated in MWC 2019 with a booth in the spanish pavilion where besides its technology and mission critical solutions, the 5GENESIS project was presented and introduced to interested customers and vertical users.

E-WORLD Innovation Fair (4-6 Feb, Essen, Germany)

Universitat Politècnica de València (@UPV ) participated in the E-WORLD Innovation Fair (4-6 Feb, Essen, Germany) and through its booth communicated @5genesis_h2020 objectives and characteristics to industrial companies related to energy and water management services.

5Genesis Malaga platform presented at ONF Connect (Santa Clara)

David Artunedo Guillen (Telefonica) participated on ONF Connect in Santa Clara in the 5th of December where he talked about use cases running on edge computing, and presented 5Genesis Malaga platform.

FUSECO Fokus Event , 14-15 November 2018, Berlin

Dr. Valerio Frascolla and Prof. Eckhard Grass organized and drove a 1/2 day workshop at the FUSECO Fokus 2018 event in Berlin named “Architectures and Radio Technologies for 5G Transport- and Access Networks”.

  • Design considerations for an Ultra Reliable Low Latency Communication (URLLC) 5G Network: Dr Zion Hadad presented the presentation regarding design techniques for URLLC Networks and presented its association with 5GENESIS project
  • 5G Standardization Status: Dr Valerio Frascolla presented the latest news from standardiztion bodies dealing with 5G topics. The talk was a collaboration between the 5GENESIS and the 5G-MiEdge projects

Networld 2020 Annual Event , 15 Nov. – Brussels

  • The role of SMEs in the new 5G ecosystem: Israel Koffman from RunEL participated in Networld2020 Annual Event, in Brussels and described the 5GENESIS project’s contributions to the 5G ecosystem.
  • 5G-PPP: Monitoring of SMEs in Networld2020: Nemergent, as the responsible for monitoring SME WG and NetWorld2020, attended the event and has the chance to explain the concept and different platforms of 5GENESIS to several partners during the event

Athens Innovation Festival (Nov 12-14)

INFOLYSIS participated in the Athens Innovation Festival where it had the chance to describe and communicate 5GENESIS project, its objectives and characteristics, as part of 5G ecosystem, through INFOLYSIS booth to audience and companies related to media, health and telecommunication technologies/services.