5GENESIS call for contributions to SENSORS Special Issue on “5G Mission-Critical Applications”

5GENESIS call for contributions to SENSORS Special Issue (ISSN 1424-8220) on “5G Mission-Critical Applications”. This Special Issue is connected to the activities in the European project 5GENESIS (under the umbrella of 5G PPP) and the US project COSMOS (under the umbrella of PAWR). More info at

Webinar: “3GPP Progress so far: Industry Verticals and Releases 16 and 17”

The 1st Webinar entitled “3GPP Progress so far: Industry Verticals and Releases 16 and 17” will take place virtually on May 5th. In this webinar, 3GPP TSG (Technical Specification Group) chairs will guide participants through the status of Releases 16, 17 and 18, highlighting Rel-17 work related to verticals. They will offer a practical guide on how to join 3GPP and best impact on-going work. Read additional information of the webinar at:

The revised 5GPPP stakeholders picture has been released!

The 5GPPP and the Full5G project released the revised 5GPPP stakeholders picture, along with the accompanying glossary. Well done to those 5GPPP Phase 2 and Phase 3 projects that contributed. You may access the document at:

White paper: “On Board Procedure to 5G PPP Infrastructure Projects”

The 5G-PPP and the ICT-17 5GENESIS, 5G-EVE and 5G-VINNI projects released the white paper “On Board Procedure to 5G PPP Infrastructure Projects”. This white paper describes the basic procedures that must be followed when vertical sector oriented projects of the 5G PPP plan to use the 5G PPP infrastructure project services. For each of the infrastructure projects (5GENESIS, 5G-EVE, 5G-VINNI) this paper informs – among others – about how to interact with the infrastructure, what information is needed for running experiments, what output and how is provided, as well as what are the future plans of each infrastructure project for the longer term support of vertical applications. Read the white paper at this link:

5GPPP Newsflash, by the Full5G project and 5GPPP, available online

FYI, in case you have not spotted it yet, the latest 5GPPP Newsflash, prepared by the Full5G project and 5GPPP, is available online at:

Paper: “Cloud Native and 5G Verticals’ services”

A paper entitled “Cloud Native and 5G Verticals’ services” was published in February from the 5G-PPP Software Network Working Group. Read this paper online or download it via:

Raconteur Interview at 5GPPP by Colin Willcock

Raconteur Interview at 5GPPP by Colin Willcock. How 5G will enable a digital society. 5GPPP has been a clear success for Europe, with thousands of researchers and developers working on innovative solutions for the definition of 5G. Read more at:

Brochure: 5G network support of vertical industries in the 5G Public-Private Partnership ecosystem

The three research projects 5G-EVE, 5GENESIS and 5G-VINNI have just released a brochure with useful information about their activities. In this brochure you may find the key capabilities of the 5G trial platforms, the provided services, the corresponding locations per project and the timeline of the trials. You may also find information about the involved stakeholders (i.e., operators, vendors, vertical industries, universities and research institutes, SMEs and public stakeholders). Additionally, you will find information about which vertical related# EU funded projects they also support. You may access it at the 5G-PPP website:

5G-PPP Steering Board meeting, Brussels, January 21st 2019

Dr. Harilaos Koumaras , PhD (NCSRD), 5GENESIS project coordinator, participated in the 5G-PPP Steering Board in Brussels on January 21st 2019, representing 5GENESIS Project.