Entries by Anastasios Gogos

IEEE WCNC 2019 (part II)

Dr. Georgios Gardikis @ggardikis (Space Hellas) presented the paper entitled “The #5GENESIS testing facility as an enabler for integrated satellite/terrestrial 5G experimentation” in #WCNC 2019 (15/04/2019), in Marrakech, Morocco. @5GPPP@5genesis_h2020

IEEE WCNC 2019 (part I)

Dr Valerio Frascolla (INTEL) representing 5GENESIS in the WCNC 2019 (15/04/19) panel discussions of the workshops Satellite-terrestrial interworking and 2nd Workshop on Economics and Adoption of Millimeter Wave Technology in Future Networks co-organized by 5GENESIS.

2nd workshop on 5G-Trials – IEEE 5G World Forum

The #5GENESIS project co-organizes with the rest ICT-17 projects the 2nd workshop on 5G-Trials – From 5G Experiments to Business Validation adjunct with #IEEE#5G World Forum in 30/09 – 2/10/2019 in Dresden, Germany. http://sites.ieee.org/wf-5g/from-5g-experiments-to-business-validation/ #5GWorldForum@5GPPP@5genesis_h2020

5G FORUM event – Malaga, April 2019

The 5GENESIS Project participates as sponsor in the 5G forum event which takes place in Malaga in April 24th and 25th 2019 where 5GENESIS’s concepts and achievements will be promoted. https://www.5gforum.es/en/ @5GPPP@5genesis_h2020

Egaleo Smart City 2020-2030 event

Dr. Anastasios Kourtis (from @NCSR_Demokritos) presented the 5GENESIS Project in the Εgaleo Smart City 2020-2030 event which was organized by the Municipality of Εgaleo and took place in the Town Hall of Εgaleo in March 18th, 2019.